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  • Leadwork in Bath

Leadwork in Bath

Lead is one of the oldest and most durable roofing materials available; it will last longer and age more beautifully than any of its synthetically produced substitutes, provided that it is installed correctly.

Lead sheet should be carefully worked or lead welded. Here at Chris Pritchard Roofing we have the expertise, experience and proper tools and equipment to do this and are therefore able to carry out all aspects of detailed leadwork in Bath and the surrounding area.

We understand the physical and mechanical properties of lead sheet which include jointing methods, supporting and fixing methods and the prevention of corrosion. All our leadwork is carried out to the standards set out by the Lead Sheet Association (LSA) and fitted in accordance with British Standard BS 6915.

Traditionally leadworking skills are hard to come by and we pride ourselves on our commitment to producing quality leadwork in Bath and it’s surrounds that follow the Lead Sheet Associations recommendations.

Leadwork in Bath services

We have carried out many projects requiring leadwork in Bath, below is our typical leadwork services;

Flashings to abutments on flat and pitched roofs
Protective weathering’s to ledges and cornices
Damp proof courses and cavity trays
Linings to parapet and valley gutters

Coverings to flat and pitched roofs;
Vertical cladding;
Cappings to parapet walls;
Cladding to dormer windows;
and Many other specialist and bespoke uses.

Leadwork in Bath Leadwork in Bath